We offer you advertising partnership
with international scientifical and technical Journal  
"Mechanics of machines, mechanisms and materials."

Among the readers of the Journal has achieved an excellent reputation and a high indextrust which extends to advertisement in it.

The Journal advertises new techniques, technologies, equipment, devices, materials.
The Journal publishes thematic reviews, advertising articles.

Our target audience - executives, top managers of medium and large business of the country.

Our subscribers - solvent enterprises with stable financial situation.

There are several reasons to place your advertisements in the journal "Mechanics of machines, mechanisms and materials":

Advertising in the journal - is a popularization of your organization among leading industrial corporations, factories, companies, advertising of your PRODUCTS and SERVICES among wide range of customers in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany.

Our regular readers - is a wide range of experts in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering - get the latest information on YOUR DEVELOPMENT in the field of mechanical engineering, about new materials and innovative technologies in both Russian and English languages, also in electronic format.

The effectiveness of advertising is achieved by the target proliferation. The journal is delivered to readers by subscription and retail. Provided assured reception by all readership not only of our publication, but also advertising information published on its pages.

Advertisement is located on the FIRST and FOURTH cover pages and COLOUR PLATINGS.

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Concerning placement of advertisements contact phone numbers:
+375 (17) 374 25 35, +375 (17) 337 76 26;

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