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Myshkin N.K., V.A. Belyy Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems of the NAS of Belarus, Gomel

Petrokovec M.I., V.A. Belyy Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems of the NAS of Belarus, Gomel

Kovalev A.V., V.A. Belyy Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems of the NAS of Belarus, Gomel

Year 2007 Issue 1 Pages 65-72
Type of article RAR Index UDK 621.891:678.01 Index BBK  

The paper reviews research in the tribology o polymers carried out from the fifties of the last century to the present time. The concepts of the adhesion and deformation components of the friction force are discussed. The effect of the load, sliding velocity, and temperature on the friction force is described. Specific features of tribological properties of polymers filled with nanofillers such as organic clays and carbon nanomaterials are discussed.



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