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Аbout non-linear vibration two-layer nonhomogeneous rectangular plates

Authors Huseynov S.A., Ph.D. in Engineering Science, Associate Professor of Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University, Baku, Azerbaijan
Year 2014 Issue 4 Pages 64-67
Type of article RAR Index UDK 539.3 Index BBK  
Abstract In article reception of a problem about nonlinear vibration of two-layer nonhomogeneous rectangular plates is investigated. It is considered,that layers are made of various nonhomogeneous isotropic materials and elastic characteristics are continuous functions of coordinate of a thickness of a plate. Accepting justice of hypothesis Kirсhhoff-Love for all element, in a general view all basic parities and system of the equations of movement of a plate taking into account geometrically nonlinearity are received.In this the approached statement of a problem is considered also. The decision of a problem on nonlinear vibration of a two-layer strip is in detail investigated at hinged edges. The analytical decision of a problem is received and dependence of peak-frequency characteristics is defined. For a concrete kind of functions of heterogeneity of a material of layers numerical results are received.
Keywords two-layer plates, nonhomogeneous, vibration, peak-frequency characteristics
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