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PODDUBKO Sergey N., Ph. D. in Eng., Assoc. Prof., Director General, Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

YELOVOY Oleg M., Ph. D. in Eng., Deputy Director General for Research and Innovations, Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

BELEVICH Alexander V., Chief of the R&D Center “Electromechanical and Hybrid Power Units of Mobile Machines” – Head of the Laboratory of  Onboard Mechatronic Systems of Mobile Machines, Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Year 2018 Issue 4 Pages 5–12
Type of article RAR Index UDK 629.34:621.3 Index BBK  

The article considers the key issues of creation and development of electric transport production in the Republic of Belarus on the basis of domestic developments and advanced foreign technologies. The foreign experience of creating productions and building the market of transport with the electrified power units, as well as decisions and mechanisms of providing the state support to producers and consumers of the transport in the developed countries are analyzed. The defining role of green transport in solving environment pollution problems arising from road traffic is shown. The article discusses the main aspects and prerequisites for the creation of a new sub-sector of the electric vehicle industry for the domestic automotive industry on the basis of the development of design technologies and production of electrified power units, as a key factor in the economic stability of mechanical engineering in the long term. The capacity of science and industry in this field is considered. The paper discusses the targets of the Program of Development of Electric Transport in the Republic of Belarus and provides ways to meet them, including mechanisms and measures to stimulate the development, production and consumption of electric transport at the  state level.


green transport, electric vehicles, electrified power units, electric drive, fuel elements, energy storage, Program of Electric Transport Development, incentive measures

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