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ORDA Dmitry V., Researcher, Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year 2021
Issue 1
Pages 71–79
Type of article RAR
Index UDK 669.715:66.091.3
Abstract A mathematical model is developed for the process of synthesis of nanostructured modifier TiC-Al2O3 by gasphase deposition based on the system of starting materials TiO2-Al-C. To construct the response equation in the form of a polynomial of the second degree, the experiments were carried out in accordance with the model of a rotatable composite plan of the second order with three factors, including 20 experiments. The main factors considered were the isothermal holding temperature T (°C), the isothermal holding time t (s), and the proportion of the chlorinating component Q (wt.%), and as a response function — the proportion of titanium carbide q(TiC) (wt.%) in the composition of the synthesized modifier. The paper describes the results of computational and experimental modeling, from which it can be concluded that to obtain a modifier with the highest content of titanium carbide, the synthesis parameters should be as follows: T = 900–930 °C; t = 2–2.5 h; Q = 4–4.5 wt.%. The resulting TiC-Al2O3 modifier contains 34 wt.% TiC and has a nanostructured structure, with spherical and filamentous particles which diameter does not exceed 100 nm.
Keywords modifier, nanoparticles, titanium carbide, corundum, optimization, mathematical model
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