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SOSNOVSKIY Leonid A., Dr. Techn. Sc., Professor, Professor of the Department "Dynamics, Strength and Durability of Vehicles", Belarusian State University of Transport, Gomel, Republic of Belarus

Year 2015 Issue 2 Pages 85-96
Type of article RAR Index UDK 620.178.16; 620.178.3 Index BBK  
Abstract Concept development about fatigue of metals in communication of its integrated characteristic-curve of fatigue is described at volume deformation (and destruction), surface damage (and wear) at contact loading and complex wear-fatigue damage and destruction to a case when one of elements of pair a friction perceives and transfers repeatedly-variable (volume) loading. It is shown that concept fatigue - fundamental and beyond all bounds wide; it is successfully used for terminology construction in the mechanic of fatigue destruction, tribology, tribo-fatigue.
Keywords fatigue, volume deformation, surface deformation, mechanical fatigue, rolling fatigue, friction fatigue, fatigue curve, diagram of limiting states, wear-fatigue damage
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