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Ermakov A.M., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Doctoral Candidate of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

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Year 2013 Issue 4 Pages 32-34
Type of article RAR Index UDK 539.3 Index BBK  

In this paper the problem of the buckling of the transversal-isotropic segment of spherical shell with the different thicknesses under the influence of the load with a flat base is studied. The solution of this problem is based on the theory of the shell of moderate thickness by Paly-Spiro. This theory takes into account the influence of the cross section shear and change of the shell thickness. For modelling such large deformations the method of consequent loading is used. The comparison of the results which were obtained with the use of the method of linearization of non-linear equilibrium equations and the method of minimization of elastic potential of the shell has been done. The problems of stress-strain state of soft and close to soft shells that are under the influence of a load with a flat base are important for analyzing the data related to measuring a very important in ophthalmology characteristic of intraocular pressure.

Keywords nonlinear shell theory, stability, load with a flat base
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