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Shilko S.V., Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer SystemsV.A. Belogo NAS of Belarus; Gomel, the Republic of Belarus

Chernous D.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer SystemsV.A. Belogo NAS of Belarus; Gomel, the Republic of Belarus

Year 2009 Issue 1 Pages 88-92
Type of article RAR Index UDK 539.3; 531/534:57 Index BBK  

With a view of creation of drives on the basis of electroactive polymers the structurally functional analysis of a natural prototype - a muscular fabric is made and the phenomenological model allowing adequately to describe processes of isotonic reduction and generation of effort of a muscle in isometric conditions is offered. At model identification experimental dependences of reduction of a muscle on time are used at isotonic excitation for three various loadings.


Electroactive polymers, prototype, muscular fabric, isotonic reduction, generation of effort

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