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Penyazkov O.G., the A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the NAS of Belarus, Minsk

Year 2007 Issue 1 Pages 73-77
Type of article RAR Index UDK 532: 533.6: 534.2: 536.46: 621.374 Index BBK  

The near-limit propagation of spinning detonations in 3.5% C2H2+26.5% O2+70% Ar mixture have been carefully studied in tubes of 25.3 and 50 mm in diameters. Quantitative criteria governing the limits of stable, unstable, and low-velocity detonations have been suggested on the basis of detailed reaction flow measurements in induction zone of decaying detonations. The proposed relationships link ignition time corresponding to stagnation temperature and pressure of the gas behind the leading shock front, shock wave velocity and radius of the tube.



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