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Silchenko A.A., Candidate of Technical Science, Science and Innovation Development of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

Miranovich O.L., Candidate of Technical Science, Minsk Leased Enterprise of Industrial Housing, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

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Year 2010 Issue 2 Pages 66-69
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Presents the results of some studies motion electrified power source for small-scale mechanization cable steering tool in the longitudinal plane, the dynamic analysis of roll-over of the unit taking into account the momentum of external forces arising in the rope. Made the simulation of the process and built according to sustainable power source for graphics, taking into account the energy and dynamic criteria’s. Work is performed within the state the integrated program of scientific research "Mechanics".


small-scale mechanization cable steering, simulation of a process, energy and dynamic criteria’s

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