• оperative informing of scientific community about the achievements of domestic mechanics and mechanical engineering;
  • to cover the results of scientific research and developments of academic, university, industry and branded science;
  • to provide information about the state and progress of scientific research and development in the field of mechanics, mechanical engineering for creation a new highly effective and competitive technics and advanced technological processes.


  • to inform scientists about new developments in the field of mechanical engineering in the country and abroad, development and implementation on practice of scientific ideas;
  • to maintain domestic scientists and specialists through publication of their achievements;
  • to provide opportunities for:
    scientific community discussion;
    preparation of joint innovation projects;
    applicants of scientific degree (titles) to publish their works for recognition of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus;
  • to inform about:
    the achievements of Belarusian scientists and engineers;
    the latest materials, equipment, technologies.


  • to ensure Journal authority by means of inclusion international editorial board of the Belarusian and foreign leading scientists in the Editorial Board;
  • to consolidate with representatives of different scientific schools, public associations, scientific organizations, higher education institutions and enterprises;
  • to comply the Code of Ethics of scientific publications by all parties involved in the process of publication of scientific papers;
  • to ensure the high quality and reliability of published materials; thoroughness, originality, clarity, completeness of publications; adherence to editors’ independence and integrity.