The publisher adheres to the “Rules of Conduct” and ethical standards applicable to its work and the work of the journal.
The legal basis for ensuring publication ethics consists of normative legal acts: the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus; the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus; the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Copyright and Related Rights"; the Universal Copyright Convention signed in Geneva on September 6, 1952; the Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications formulated by the Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications (Russia, Moscow).
The statement is based on the Core Practices developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) regarding equality of all articles/authors for the editor, editorial board and reviewers; confidentiality; bad faith; originality and plagiarism; and conflicts of interest.

Editors of the Journal "Mechanics of machines, mechanisms and materials" guarantee adherence of:

  • scientific paper publication ethics;
  • scientific paper authorship ethics;
  • scientific paper review ethics;
  • scientific paper editorial ethics.


Editors of the Journal "Mechanics of machines, mechanisms and materials" (Editors):

  • quarantee consideration of all submitted materials; guarantee the Editors’ independence and integrity in decision-making without any prejudice towards authors because of national or religious background, official position, regardless of commercial interests and relations with the founder of the Journal;
  • pursue a policy to improve the quality of published materials, making a significant contribution to the development of domestic and foreign science (the bailiwick); inclusion in the international editorial board, the editorial board of highly qualified professionals, which is actively contributing to the development of the Journal; systematic improvement of institutions review, editing and expert assessment of publications;
  • aims to meet the needs readers and authors;
  • make a decision to acceptance or rejection of the article for publication based on all the comments of independent reviewers in general. The final decision of the editorial board and the reasons for its adoption are reported to the authors.

The authors of the publications should:

  • observe the main principles during the preparation research papers submitted for publication:
    solidity: published results of the study should be performed efficiently and accurately; the authors have a collective responsibility for their work and the content of the publication;
    honesty: researchers should present their results honestly and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation;
    uniqueness: publications should provide sufficient detail to permit experiments to be repeated by other researchers;
    completeness of presented materials: review and conclusions of existing studies should be complete, balanced and should include the information regardless of whether they support the hypothesis, and the interpretation of the author's publications or not;
    balanced: results of new study should be presented taking into account the results of previous studies and correlated with them;
    originality: authors guarantee that the proposed work is unique and has not been previously published elsewhere in any language; work cannot be sent simultaneously in several publications;
  • guarantee that the list of authors includes only those, who corresponding to the authorship criteria (i.e. persons who have made a significant contribution to the work), and guarantee that deserving authorship researchers are not excluded from the list of authors;
  • consent to the entry in the list of authors and approve aimed at the publication version of the work; any changes in the authors list should be approved by all authors, including those, who are deleted from this list;
  • good to know the providing work for publication guarantee that the work complies with the above requirements; work together with the editorial board of the Journal for the speedy correction of their work in case of detection errors or omissions after publication;
  • immediately notify editors of the journal in case of any errors detection in the submitted for publication, accepted for publication or already published work;
  • refer to the most correct and accurate on related for publication the previous work like other researchers, as well as the authors, referring to the source; verbatim own works and their paraphrasing are unacceptable, they can only be used as a basis for new conclusions;
  • comply with legal provisions on protection of copyrights.

Editors of the Journal:

  • guarantee independent review conducted the way that ensures honesty and objectivity of comment on scientific value of the paper considered for publication;
  • establish the procedure for the review of submitted materials for publication;
  • reserve the right to reject the material without an independent review conducting if it would be considered as low quality or unsuitable for readers. This decision is made fairly and impartially;
  • attract independent reviewers in relation to materials considered for publication by selecting of persons who have sufficient experience and have no interest conflicts. Independent reviewers reported, what is applied to them.

    A double-blind peer-review: The reviewers do not know the identity of the authors, and The authors are not aware of the individual reviewers. Manuscript criticize two reviewer, an expert in the field.

    If the part reviewer’s part raises a question in relation to data reliability and the advisability of scientific work publication, the editors provide the author an opportunity to answer to the questions.
    At the direction of reviewing Editorial Board will ensure the confidentiality of the author’s material and informs the preservation necessity to such confidentiality reviewers. Editorial Board does not inform anyone about the material status in the Journal, except for the authors.
    Editorial Board maintains the confidentiality of reviewer’s personal data.

Journal Editorial Board undertakes to:

  • make a decision on publications acceptance or rejection fairly and objectively;
  • place on the Journal official website in the section for authors about the rights and obligations of the Journal Editorial board, reviewers, authors; rules for submitting articles manuscripts; the list of Journal headings, types of published materials as well as Journal processing of Materials;
  • in case of undisputed errors detecting in the article it is necessary to provide an opportunity for amendment or correcting the errors as quickly as possible;
  • respond to allegations of misconduct in relation to the research and publications emanating from readers, reviewers, or other editors.