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A double-blind peer-review: The reviewers do not know the identity of the authors, and The authors are not aware of the individual reviewers. Manuscript criticize two reviewer, an expert in the field.

The review should be reflected:

  • The name of the manuscript
  • The author(s)
  • Description of the problem, the level of analysis of the sources
  • The relevance
  • The novelty of the presented methods, techniques, experimental data
  • Examples of application of the proposed methods (provisions)
  • Reliability
  • The validity of the results, including final conclusions
  • The practical significance
  • Compliance with the requirements of the manuscript, published in the journal
  • Notes (if any)
  • Findings (manuscript Articles can be recommended for publication sent back for revision
    or rejected)

The manuscript refers to information that is not subject to disclosure.
The reviewer is not permitted to make copies for their own needs.
Review conducted confidentially. The author of reviewed
manuscript has the right to read the text of the review.
Name of the reviewer may be communicated to the author only with the consent of the reviewer.

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