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Poddubko S.N.
The leading scientific center of Belarus in the field of mechanics and engineering is 60!



Poddubko S.N., Krasnevsky L.G., Elovoy O.M.
The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus — the leading scientific center of machine science and the resource of interaction of science and practice

Algin V.B., Ishin N.N.
Formation and development of the scientific school of reliability of technically complicated items at the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus. Part 1. Formation

Vityaz P.A., Panin V.YE., Kukareko V.A., Grigorchik A.N., Kononov A.G., Pochivalov YU.I.
Ultrasonic nanostructuring of surface layers of high-chrome steels and their tribotechnical properties in the lubricant media modified with ultradispersed carbon-containing additives

Makhutov N.A., Gadenin M.M.
Research of the thermonuclear power plant resource taking into account tribo-fatigue parameters

Kaplunov S.M., Valles N.G., Dronova E.A., Samolysov A.V.
Сritical speed numerical determination for arbitrary tube bundle in fluid flow

Kolubaev A.V., Kolubaev E.A., Burov S.V., Rubtsov V.E., Sizova O.V., Goncharenko I.M.
The structure evolution of ion-plasma coatings under sliding friction

Shil’ko S.V., Gavrilenko S.L., Panin S.V., Aleksenko V.O.
Determination of rheological parameters of polymer materials by identification of Prony viscoelastic model according to data of static and dynamic tests

Burago N.G., Nikitin I.S.
Economical numerical-analytical method for calculating three-dimensional deformations of elastic pipes of variable cross section

Romanov A.N.
Regularities of deformation and fracture of constructions materials at the stage of cracking under cyclic loading


Sosnovskiy L.A., Lisin YU.V., Kozik A.N.
On the multidisciplinary approach to the analysis and prediction of operational damageability and the life of linear sections of the oil pipeline from the position of tribo-fatigue


Kocanda D., Jurczak W., Lunarska E., Szocinski M.
Corrosion and cavitation resistances of low alloy steel after frictional-mechanical treatment

Kyziol L.
The influence of strain rate on the strength the constructional low-alloy steel

Chausov N.G., Maruschak P.O., Pylypenko A.P., Markashova L.I.
Effect of dynamic non-equilibrium processes on mechanical properties of α + β titanium alloys


Sherbakov S.S., Shi WU, Junpeng S., Nasan A.A.
Spatial stress-strain state of boring bar front-end structure of heavy-duty horizontal boring lathe