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Bogdanovich A.V., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director of Lida College of Educational Establishment "Grodno State University n.a. Yanka Kupala", Lida, Republic of Belarus, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shishkin A.E., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the Research Laboratory of Dynamics, Strength, Durability of the Lida College Educational Establishment "Grodno State University n.a. Yanka Kupala" Lida, Republic of Belarus

Year 2012 Issue 3-4 Pages 189-196
Type of article RAR Index UDK 620.191.33 Index BBK  

The foundations of a new engineering approach to the calculation and experimental evaluation of the cyclic crack resistance of ductile steels, based on the measurement of local plastic deformation of the dangerous section of the sample in the vicinity of the crack and the construction of cyclic elastic-plastic fracture diagram set out. The results of tests on the cyclic crack growth resistance of a compact specimens cut from the pipe line sections of the pipeline after long operation are analyzed. The experimental values of characteristics of resistance of sliding and mechano-sliding fatigue of a cylindrical specimen of steel 0,45 % carbon steel with a diameter of 10 mm - liner in the form of partial conterbody of siluminum active system are received in the main rotational motion in cantilever bending are presented.


fracture, vitality, stress intensity factor, contraction, compact sample, chart of elastic-plastic fracture, power system, friction-mechanical fatigue, pie chart wear, fatigue curve

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