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Aliawdin P.W., Doctor of Technical Sciences; University of Technology, Szczecin, the Republic of Poland

Muzychkin Yu.A., Institute BelNIIS; Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

Year 2009 Issue 2 Pages 56-60
Type of article RAR Index UDK 534.838:69.57.122 Index BBK  

In this paper, the reinforced-concrete skeleton structure elements vibration, induced by the trains of the shallow subway in the constrained city conditions, is investigated. The steady state vibrations of the reinforced-concrete column and slab, which are induced by the excited force equivalent to the impact from metro operations, are considered. The design model for a problem on propagation of bending waves within the limits of the typical fragment of a skeleton 16-storied structure is introduced. The distribution of vibrations on structure of the whole building is investigated. The problem has been solved numerically on the basis of the ANSYS FEA program. The experimental data on vibration of the foundations and other elements of buildings with the reinforced-concrete skeleton carrying structure are received. As a result the main principles of the vibration propagation on elements of structures for the existing frame buildings at the dynamic impact induced by the trains of the shallow subway are established. The technique prediction for vibration propagation in design of building constructions is offered.


Vibration, reinforced-concrete column, bending waves, skeleton structure

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