• оperative informing of scientific community about the achievements of domestic mechanics and mechanical engineering;
  • to cover the results of scientific research and developments of academic, university, industry and branded science;
  • to provide information about the state and progress of scientific research and development in the field of mechanics, mechanical engineering for creation a new highly effective and competitive technics and advanced technological processes.


  • to inform scientists about new developments in the field of mechanical engineering in the country and abroad, development and implementation on practice of scientific ideas;
  • to maintain domestic scientists and specialists through publication of their achievements;
  • to provide opportunities for:
    scientific community discussion;
    preparation of joint innovation projects;
    applicants of scientific degree (titles) to publish their works for recognition of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus;
  • to inform about:
    the achievements of Belarusian scientists and engineers;
    the latest materials, equipment, technologies.


    • to ensure Journal authority by means of inclusion international editorial board of the Belarusian and foreign leading scientists in the Editorial Board;
    • to consolidate with representatives of different scientific schools, public associations, scientific organizations, higher education institutions and enterprises;
    • to comply the Code of Ethics of scientific publications by all parties involved in the process of publication of scientific papers;
    • to ensure the high quality and reliability of published materials; thoroughness, originality, clarity, completeness of publications; adherence to editors’ independence and integrity.


The journal “Mechanics of Machines, Mechanisms and Materials” is an open access journal based on the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, in which the copyright holder of a scientific work grants rights of use to others using an open license that allows immediate free access to the work and allows any user to read, download, copy, print, search or link to the full texts of articles.

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All authors published in the journal accept the terms of publication.
The copyright for the content of all articles and reviews remains with the designated author of the article or review.

The copyright Agreement for cession of the rights to publish the manuscript must be submitted to the editorial office together with the manuscript of the article.

The journal presents all articles that have their own Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for CrossRef.