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ANTONYUK Vladimir E., D. Sc. in Eng., Assoc. Prof., Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Metallurgy in Mechanical Engineering, Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year 2022
Issue 2(59)
Pages 39–46
Type of article RAR
Index UDK 621.825.54: 629.838
Abstract The features of changes in geometric parameters of friction discs during operation are described, in particular, the main type of disc warping in the dish-shaped form. Causes of dish-shaped form occurrence are considered. It is offered to estimate a tendency to a deflection in a dish-shaped form of disc by relative width of a working surface of frictional discs, that is as a relation d/D of internal diameter d to external diameter D, and also on a relation h/rср, width h of a disc body to average radius rср. By results of calculation of disc tendency to temperature rise and to deformation, the optimum relative width of a working surface of frictional discs is defined as the relation d/D = 0.675. It is suggested to classify discs with d/D ˃ 0.675 as “narrow” discs, and with d/D ˂ 0.675 as “wide” discs. Peculiarities of operation of “narrow” and “wide” discs are formulated and recommendations for their use in different friction units are given. The values of an allowable deviation from flatness of disc working surfaces are given and technological possibilities of achieving accuracy by deviations from flatness are determined using dynamic stabilization. Information about the results of dynamic stabilization application in manufacturing of friction discs and clutch discs is presented. For realization of dynamic stabilization of all types of discs two schemes of loading are offered: with disc rotation between rollers located in staggered order, and without disc rotation on the basis of cogged bending. The promising outlook of dynamic stabilization technology is proved in manufacturing of discs for wheel and tracked vehicles of civil and special purposes.
Keywords friction device, disc, friction disc, clutch disc, relative width, warpage, dish-shaped form, deviation from flatness
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