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Belotserkovsky M.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences; Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus; Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

Chekulaev A.V., Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus; Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

Kukareko V.A., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus; Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

Year 2009 Issue 3 Pages 69-74
Type of article RAR Index UDK 621.793 Index BBK  

The article includes description of the flame spraying process of thermoplastic polymer coatings in the form of powder and wire. Implemented a theoretical assessment of thermal and dynamic parameters of the jet flame, the spray polymer wire to form a coating. It is shown that the physical and mechanical properties of polymer coatings essentially depend on the initial state (powder, wire), caused by the material. After the formation of coatings by applying layers of polymer powders are predominantly amorphous structure, and after spraying wires mainly crystalline. It was found that the formation of antifriction coatings operating in the tribe-paired with the unit loads of up to 4 MPa can be used as a dispersion of polymer rods, and coating polymer powders. For more loaded friction units should be used only powder coating. It is shown that the modification of a powder charge on the basis of polyamide nano size carbon filler type UDAG enhances the value limit of unit loads, with dry friction from 7 to 10 MPa.


Thermoplastic polymer coatings, jet flame, thermal and dynamic parameters, amorphous structure

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